We aspire to be a catalyst of a church planting movement that will model Christ’s redemptive purposes in the life of Bukavu and the DRC through the creation of biblically functioning, spiritually mature communities. We aim at planting 4 sites churches in Bukavu and its surrounding with a total attendance of 10 000 and 5 other churches in 5 other major cities of the DRCongo in the next 10 to 15 years. We hope to be a teaching, training and sending church that serves its city in a God honoring manner bringing glory to Christ through faithful bible teaching. We hope to raise leaders, church planters and missionaries in the next 10-15 years. We hope to be used by God to set up ministries of mercy and justice particularly in the area of education (schools,) health (hospital) and socio-economics (Business training) that will serve the good of the city. We will strive with God’s help to serve our city and country as we seek to glorify God by proclaiming “…Jesus Christ as Lord…” 2 Cor 4:5. Bukavu will then be able to irradiate the light of Christ even in some small ways.


Rev. Mulondani Nicolas Kyalangalilwa is the pastor and church planter. He is married to Rachel Bulambo and they have a little boy Benaiah and a little girl Raunel. Nicolas was born in the eastern DRCongo city of Bukavu where he grew up for most of his life in that same city. He is a graduate from Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) and holds two postgraduate degrees from the University of Pretoria. Nicolas attended Johannesburg Bible College. He latter trained as a ministry apprentice at Christ Church Midrand (CCM). In this capacity he has been involved and exposed to a wide range of ministry opportunity. He moved back to Bukavu to plant Lephare-Bukavu.